Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Limerence -were you ready for this?

Were you ready for this?

 Suddenly, unexpectedly, without warning you are thrown into this "crazy state" where you just can't get him (or her) out of your mind!

 You feel elated, sensuous, charged up, suddenly alive...as if your a light bulb switched on. There is now someone in your life...a gorgeous guy, a beautiful girl who has awakened in your emotions and feelings you never knew existed.

You are literally "switched on"!!

 Welcome to the state of "limerence".

 Maybe a new place for you, but an old place in the story of romantic love. Thousands have been there already. You are not alone!

Read the poets,listen to the operas, hear the lyrics of the love songs. It is now your turn. You are tuned in to something momentous, something exhilarating, something universal, something personal!

 Maybe this is your first time you have ever felt like this: deliriously happy, exciting new energy, a sensuous awakening which has to be satisfied, ameliorated.

 A thirst needing to be quenched, a desire needing to be fulfilled an addiction needing to be subdued. You are not alone! All around you this is happening!

Limerence is everywhere.

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