Saturday, January 21, 2017

I feel like I'm losing my mind - the turmoil of limerence and love

A Reader's story - 
Male 36 Years 

 "I feel like I'm losing my mind.. my LO ""broke up"" with me about 3 months ago. We had an intense physical and emotional affair. We are both married with children and used to work together and no longer do. I moved on to another job. I was semi-happy when she dumped me because the double life was hard, lots of sneaking around but I would have left my family for her is she asked for it. We talked many times about being together but came to realize it was impossible.

 I need this feeling to end. I am a mess, I cry all the time.. I want to be over her so bad but can't. i feel like I broke myself and now don't know how to fix me. I think about her every minutes of the day.. I feel bad for my wife and kids. Why can't I just move on.. I have fleeting moments where I feel better and hops its the start of recovering and then 10 minutes later I'm crying because I miss her so much. I read this can last 3 years on average.. I can't bear another day of this. I am in hell. "