Monday, December 26, 2011

Agonizing bliss of union in romantic love

When we "fall in love", we slip into feelings of oneness and completeness with our beloved. This profound sense of unity and belonging gives us those deeply desired feelings of blissfulness as our heightened sense of passion finds its expression in each other's embrace.

 But when we are separated from or lose our beloved, we plunge into emptiness and insufficiency like nothing we have ever known before. Others may observe this as the most pitiful derangemnent. The intense painful anguish and aching we feel can become so consuming that our lives are driven almost to despair.

This agonizing bliss of union in romantic love is the nature of this divine madness.

Its bliss enlivens us and its absence distresses us


  1. My life has been massively improved by my being in the state of limerence. It is, in my case, quite mutual and quite intense on both sides. It has improved my mood and my ability to deal with the sometimes difficult ups and downs of life much better.
    I do feel like I'm walking on air much of the time and I, most often, have a big smile on my face. I also feel immensely rejuvenated and there is a spring in my step.
    What could be bad about a thing like that?

  2. I've been very limerent about a co-worker for nearly two years now. I've evaluated it for a long time and we would be completely incompatible and he would probably make a lousy boyfriend/husband because he's not very communicative.

    It started one day in his office. I've seen him around for several years but because he's not the communicative type I never bothered to talk to him - I have a feeling if I did then he probably would have just grunted or something or stared at me and walked away. I guess he's somewhat the strong silent type - but he's small in stature.

    We were forced to work together and he was in charge, we spent a little time getting to know each other and suddenly I realized his eyes were an intense sky blue and I was determined to not look away when speaking with him - we locked eyes and that's when things cut loose. The full effects of limerance started, the room seemed to get brighter, I felt a floaty type of feeling, it was extremely intense.

    If I had known then what I know now I would have gotten up and walked away. How could I know that that instant something had started that would torture me for so long. I can't go two minutes without thinking about him.

    I've never been this way about anybody. I don't want to be this way about him. I become furious with myself because I can't make it stop - I have no control over it. I know I don't want to have anything to do with that man but I can't stop my thoughts about him. Since that eyes locked moment two years ago - we've interacted and I tried hard to keep my feet on the ground. He has made comments and his actions suggested that the feelings were reciprocal (I know I didn't imagine this). I actually wish he didn't - because then I could continue thinking that it was all only in my head.

    This has been torture, because I'm already married to the perfect husband to whom I've never really had limerent feelings for.

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